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NJBALLET New Jersey's Premiere Dance Company
 Program 2 - Follow-Up Introduction to Dance Lecture/Demonstration Appropriate for Grades K-12 Content and pacing are tailored to the ages and needs of the audience. Time: One Hour Explorations of Dance Style & Technique Building on Program 1, the students are introduced to the wide variety of styles of ballet including classical, contemporary, and jazz. The magic doesn't just happen: necessary backstage support - costumes, makeup, etc. - is also explored. Excerpt for Company Repertory The magic comes together in a short excerpt from the repertory presented in full costume with fully orchestrated taped accompaniment. Question & Answer Students are encouraged to ask questions and discuss their reactions to the program.
 What Educators Say About On School Time Programs It is at least a part of the school's job to participate in the great enterprise of preserving and passing on what is best in our heritage - and in doing it in such a way that the dis who pass through the school not only come to appreciate and value that heritage, but are perhaps inspired to add to it. - Barbara Cohen, Messenger Gazette It was the best assembly I have seen in 19 years as a student and 3 years as a teacher. - Sunnymead School, Somerville It was fascinating and beautiful and certainly geared to the K through 8 audience! All of us were enthralled, and we learned a great deal. - Bedminster PTO